Draconic Astrology

The Draconic chart is the chart down through the viewpoint of your North Node which is deeply connected to your soul’s purpose and life journey.  After working with draconic charts for about fifteen years, I like to think of it as the chart of what Jungian Analyst James Hillman referred to as the daimon, a guardian angel like presence that comes in with us when we are born.  It is often how we experience ourselves on the inside, that wise part of ourselves that operates as a compassionate witness. 

Draconic Reading:  1.5 hours initial reading $240 - returning clients only

Together we will journey through your draconic chart as an independent chart before we compare it to your natal which adds another layer illuminating a deep perspective of why we are here and at upcoming transits and progressions to the draconic exploring what is being awakened on a soul level at this moment in time.

One on one mini Draconic class:  3 hours/two sessions $400

A deeper dive than a simple draconic reading. We explore your draconic chart together in layers:  The first session includes looking at the profound implications of the draconic chart as a whole through pulse of your both your natal and progressed charts.  We examine it both as a stand alone charts and compare it to the Natal.  In the second session we take a deeper dive scrutinizing it through in comparison to the charts of up to  three significant relationships in your life. This gives a profound understanding of the hidden connections between you providing clarity as to both why and how these relationships (and the people involved )have impacted each other’s journey through life.

$240 Add To Cart 1.5 hours initial reading (returning clients only)

$400 Add To Cart One on one mini Draconic class

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