Astro-cartography/local space reading

1.5 hours  Returning clients $240

Where in the world: The astrology of place.  

Based on your natal chart astro-cartography  creates a map that corresponds to where the different planets would be on the angles at different points across the globe.  Why is this important or life altering? Because the angles in a a chart are highly sensitive antennae that draw in experiences.  So the basic idea is move to your Venus line and you will draw in love and relationships, move to your Moon line and there will be a profound experience of belonging etc with each of the planets and points. Some astrologers look no further than that but if you do that you are missing crucial information.  For example, imagine that the Moon in your chart is full of challenging aspects reflecting a difficult experience of childhood where perhaps you often felt alienated. Moving to this line in your case would highlight that. Or vice verse you will hear again and again to absolutely not move to a Mars/Pluto line, it will be violent and dark. I have been living one such line for the past 30 years because of my particular chart is has been awakening and life altering in a beautiful way vs when I moved to my Venus line it was a nightmare.   To truly create an effective astro-cartography reading you can’t just look at  the map and select a line.  You need to understand interpret that space within the context of how your entire chart is impacted as well by adding a local space chart for each location you are considering. 

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