Initial Natal Reading

Your natal chart is the context of everything.  It is the map that reveals what your soul chose to explore over the course of this lifetime. It acts as an alchemical compass that can act as a powerful guide for you as you traverse the territory of your life.  What it reveals is part esoteric mystery as well as rather literal description of both your past as well as your current circumstances.  An initial reading lasts 1.5 hours and covers both this natal context and predictive work through the lens of transits, progressions, using both modern and traditional techniques, powerful astrological tools that reveal the tone of the upcoming territory as well as around the next bend in the journey your life in a startlingly accurate and literal manner.  Even if you have had a natal reading before each astrologer brings something different embodied both in their training as well as life experiences. You, your life’s journey are far more complex than a simple natal reading. I have been gazing upon my chart for 40 years and am still discovering new depths.

"Mindy is amazing! Not only is she delightfully friendly, but her gift is extraordinary. Her insights are consistently accurate and she really takes her time to make you feel comfortable and understand her process. She is thorough with details and patient with your questions. Her accuracy is almost scary-in a good way! I definitely look forward to connecting with her time and time again because she is the best spiritual guide and teacher I’ve ever worked with." 
Yamilay Leger Phoenix AZ 

$240 Add To Cart 90 minutes

$220 Add To Cart Follow Up Reading 1.5hour

$180 Add To Cart Follow Up Reading 1hour

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