Electional astrology

Need to choose the perfect date for an upcoming event or to launch a new venture?


Electional astrology is the study of selecting a fortunate time to enhance an endeavor.  Astrologers have been using this technique for thousands of years.  This is a detailed discipline that both scrutinizes the current skies (planetary positions)  and considers the chart (or charts involved if it is a marriage date) to support what you are brining into being as the moment it takes place is considered its birth.  For example, I advise never getting married or engaged during two particular astrological events.  1.) a Venus retrograde as she rules relationships and is moving backwards, metaphorically away rather than towards relationships at this time and 2.) during a full Moon for though the wedding pictures might look great the actually energy of a full Moon as the two lights placed opposite each other indicating that the marriage will constantly experience a back and forth between the two individuals.


This “reading” includes and enormous amount of prep time behind the scenes to find appropriate time for the event that enhances not just the event but the charts of the people involved. The in person portion lasts 45 minutes to an hour and I provide multiple options as well as a recording of the reading and copies of the charts.

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